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Improve your immune system with TA65. Clinically proven to boost immune response. We can now take orders by telephone with debit or credit cards, simply call 0044(0)7425 604 675 and order.

On a cellular level , TA-65® has been shown to lengthen short telomeres and rejuvenate ageing immune systems. Studies have also shown increased bone density and improvements in other metabolic and cardiovascular biomarkers of ageing. Statistically significant improvements have been seen in glucose, insulin and cholesterol levels. Blood pressure and homocysteine were lowered while free testosterone was increased. Each individual is different and the results vary.

Anecdotally, our patients have reported:
  • Improved energy and feelings of vitality
  • Improved appearance as related to skin, hair, nails
  • Improved sexual performance
  • Improved memory and mental ability
  • Improved vision and has been clinically proven to reverse macular degeneration, and can also allow a change to weaker eyeglass and contact lens prescriptions

In clinical trials and in our patients’ test results we have seen a number of statistically significant changes including:
  • Increase in telomere length
  • Improvement in immune system function
  • Increase in bone density
  • Reverse macular degeneration