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TA-65MD® Nutritional Supplements

TA-65MD® nutritional supplements support immune health and can help reverse some of the obvious effects of cellular aging. They should be taken as part of an overall health and wellness regime. TA-65MD® supplements have been proven safe and effective in more than a decade of studies and in use by people worldwide.

The product is available in 250 unit capsules that come in 90 count bottles, and 100 unit capsules that come in 30 count bottles.
Consumers typically take between one and four capsules daily; a certified TA-65® doctor can help you determine the appropriate dosage.

However, these are the normal guidelines for the 250 unit capsules:
Less than 50 years old : 1 capsule daily;
50 to 65 years old: 2 capsules daily;
65 years old + : 4 capsules daily.

It takes about 3 to 6 months for first benefits to be noted after starting TA-65MD.

TA-65® Pro Series Tablets
Now available to all Doctors and customers on our website .
We strongly recommend that you utilize the expertise of a medical professional to achieve the best possible outcomes.
Travel friendly portable blister pack
Easier to swallow

TA-65® For Skin

TA-65® for Skin (1 fl. oz) bottle and TA-65® for Skin (4 fl. oz) tube rejuvenate the complexion with the compounding effects of gentle exfoliation, nourishment, colour balance, and detoxification. The effective delivery of active ingredients provide rejuvenation effects in all layers of the skin. These products provide customers a choice in size, fragrance, and delivery method. Dermatologically tested and scientifically based, TA-65® for Skin is proven to: improve skin firmness, decrease skin redness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, protect skin hydration, and improve skin contrast.

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TA-65MD® 30 caps (100 units) 30 days supply. In stock
NEW TA-65® 250 Tablets (45) 45 days of 250 units designed for Doctors
NEW TA-65® 60 Tablet PRO Series (500 Unit) designed for Doctors
TA-65MD® 90 caps (250 units) 150% stronger dosage than the 100 units and up to 3 months supply.
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TA-65MD® for Skin (30ml bottle)
TA-65MD® for Skin (118ml tube)
Telomere length testing by Life Length - the first step
ULTIMATE SPECIAL SAVER STARTER 1x250 units 90 days supply plus 1x30ml cream Save £100

Licensee Pricing

Please contact us directly for doctor and licensee pricing.