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Hear what real people have to say about TA-65MD® nutritional supplements.

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Roger Daltrey - Lead Singer, The Who


“I have been interested in alternative medicine since the early days of my career. Maintaining good health through the stresses and strains of touring and singing with The Who requires enormous stamina. I was recommended TA-65 by a good friend and decided to try it. After taking TA-65 for one year I noticed considerable improvement in energy levels. Cold and winter infections have been a rarity. Recently I took a 6 week break from taking the product, and noticed significant energy drop off.

Although to my knowledge the evidence of benefit to everyone is not proven, I have no doubt that this product works for me. I hope it does the same for you.”

Bill Wismann


Scientist and World Renowned Inventor
Age 58
Taking TA-65® for 4 months

Carol Wayne


Healthy Lifestyle Advocate
Age 74
Taking TA-65® for 1 year

Greg Gerber


Competitive Swimmer
Age 61
Taking TA-65® for 2 years

Karl Gittelman


Retired Business Executive & Fantasy Baseball Camp Participant
Age 75
Taking TA-65® for 2 years

Keith Clearwater


PGA Golfer
Age 53
Taking TA-65® for 2.5 years